Full Dentures

This is what your mouth would look like if you lose all your lower teeth. It is always the best choice to KEEP your teeth or at least some of them. As you can see by looking above there is nothing to hold a lower denture down while you chew. A successful denture can be made but is always a compromise. As with other types of dentistry, if proper time, care, skill and judgement are exercised, a denture that functions well and looks natural, can be constructed. As with a patient that has teeth, It is important that a Denture Exam be performed before a denture is constructed.

If only a few roots can be saved, an Overdenture, which is a denture which attaches to a couple of roots anchored in the jaw can be constructed.

For patients wanting to maintain some teeth while a denture is constructed an Immediate Denture can be constructed. Implants may be placed in the jaw to anchor a denture when a patient is unable to wear a denture successfully.

Dentures need to be checked regularly by the dentist because the mouth changes and the denture may not fit as well as it should and may require a reline. Unfortunately there are many "Myths about Dentures", many of these common misconceptions about dentures have prevented people from achieving their best health, appearance and self-confidence. Patients often have many questions about how dentures are made and how they should be worn. It is important for a person receiving a new denture to go through a period of adjustment.

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