Denture Surgery

Various types of surgery are available to enhance the mouth to receive dentures. New denture patients and patients who have worn dentures for many years can benefit from these procedures and enhance their quality of life. A denture exam and a consultation with an Oral Surgeon is necessary to determine where treatment is indicated. An exam is indicated for a patient requiring dentures for the first time and to check the health of patients who already wear dentures.

Some ot the Surgical procedures relating to both hard and soft tissues to enhance the dental ridges and benefit the denture patient are listed below:

  • Simple Extractions-Extractions required for construction of a new denture
  • Complex Extractions-Extraction of impacted teeth and retained roots
  • Aveloplasty-A procedure re-shape the dental ridge
  • Tuberosity Reduction-Reduction of the bony tissue at the back of the upper dental arch
  • Vestibular Surgery-increases the depth of the crevice between the dental ridge and the cheek
  • Ridge Augmentation-increasing the size and shape of the dental ridge 
  • Gingivoplasty-involves removing excess soft tissue
  • Dental Implants-To provide a base to attach the denture to the dental ridge.
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