The Complete Denture Exam

The successful Denture starts with a Complete Denture Examination. It is important to determine if a person actually needs a denture and whether an overdenture is indicated. Because of advances in Dentistry it is often possible to return the mouth to health without the construction of a denture. It is always the best choice to KEEP your teeth or at least some of them.  A successful denture can be made but is always a compromise.

As with a patient that has teeth, It is important that a proper exam be performed before a denture is constructed on someone who has worn a denture for many years . It is important to check for changes in the mouth and to determine if the dental arches can be enhanced by ridge enhancement surgery, before the new denture is constructed. If any pathology is present, it is important not to construct a new denture over active disease.

A complete clinical examination of the mouth is used to determine the condition of the soft tissues and the size and shape of the dental arches. The relationship of the upper and lower jaws can also be determined.

Edentulous Panoramic X-Ray
1.  Nasal Cavity
2.  Maxillary Sinus
3.  Zygomatic Arch
4.  Head of the Condyle
5.  Cornoid Process 
6.  Soft Palate
7.  Maxillary Tuberosity
8.  Hard Palate
9.  Tongue Shadow
11.Mental Foramen
12.Submandibular Fossa
13.Inferior Alveolar Canal

A panoramic x-ray will show all the bony areas, and along with a clinical exam can uncover any hidden problems and allow for a proper diagnosis. Some of the things we look for in a denture exam are:

    • Retained tooth roots
    • Hard and soft tissue lesions
    • Hyperplastic (loose tissue)
    • Size of the ridges
    • Jaw relationship
    • Oral Cancer
If only a few roots can be saved, an Overdenture, which is a denture which attaches to a couple of roots anchored in the jaw can be constructed.

For patients wanting to maintain some teeth while a denture is constructed an Immediate Denture can be constructed. Implants may be placed in the jaw to anchor a denture when a patient is unable to wear a denture successfully.

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