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Killeen Texas Cosmetic Dentist Stuart A Greene

“Discover the Pankey Difference ” 

The Pankey Difference

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    Stuart A. Greene DDS-FAGD
My family is very important to me. I  have 4 children, Leanne, Danielle, Erin and Harrison.  Leanne after working in the office for many years has returned to college and is a Jr. at Texas State University San Marcos pursuing a degree in Biology. She hopes to attend graduate school and do research about the human genome Leanne received the first NCAA Division 1 Soccer Scholarship given to a student at Temple High School.

Danielle graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelors degree in Sociology in 2003, 3 years after graduating from Temple High School. She is currently working for the State of Texas in the Department of Human Services. 

Erin is my youngest daughter. While at Temple High School, Erin was in the Meister Singers, and the Polyphonics; She was All State Choir for 3 years. Erin graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance. Erin is currently enrolled at The Cincinnati Conservatory of Music studying Opera Performance on a Scholarship. CCM is currently rated 4th in Opera by the US News and World Report. 

Harrison is currently a Senior at Texas State University at San Marcos. Harrison is pursuing a degree in Business and will be graduating in May 2006, 3 years after graduating from Temple High School.

I have personally created this web site. I learned how to create web sites by creating a web site for the Temple Magnet Schools. I have been involved with Dental Office Computer Systems for many years. I actually I had one of the First Dental Computer systems on the market and become computerized in 1980 (we were the first dental office in Temple). We upgraded our office system in 1986 and continue to upgrade as technology advance. 


I purchased my first home computer in October 1995. I had never used a mouse, surfed the internet (very new at the time) or used any of the wide variety of programs available today. I did have a great desire to become computer literate. So I quickly became computer literate. I purchased an internet account at Sage Net a small new Internet provider and I was off to the races. I really had no desire to publish or create web pages of my own. But...

I was asked to help with the Betune MEGA Elementary Home Page.  Bethune was the first school in the Centroplex with a web page.  Richard Buro at the TISD Media Center created the first Bethune "text" pages. The Bethune site won numerous awards before it was upgraded and integrated into the Temple Magnet School Site.


At the end of the 1996 School year, the principal at Reagan,Vanny Bolsins, asked about creating a web page. About a month before that Sandy Sanders had an idea, and mentioned to the principals of the other two Temple Magnet Schools that they should join together on a Magnet School Web Page. The idea for Temple Magnet Schools was born. With an invitation to Meridith Magnet School, which was quickly accepted, we were off and running...again.


We are in the process of evolving. I have studied school sites all over the net as well as top rated Magellan and point top 5% sites to see what is good. I quickly decided that most school sites are "boring". The state of the art is graphics, java, and conveying as much information in as few words as possible. The Internet is moving fast and I decided to keep our sites on the cutting edge. Although this makes it difficult for text based browsers to view our site, I have heard that well over 90% of the surfers on the net are currently using Netscape 2.0 or higher or Microsoft Internet Explorer. With this in mind, we have tailored our presence to satisfy the needs of the majority of the web. I have also been told that tenet (the Texas Education Network) is in the process of working with Netscape to use their browser and move away from text based pages in the near future. I must apologize to tenet users and we hope you will join us shortly on the "real" web.

Things are changing a developing rapidly. With the acquisition of a scanner, a new world is opening for us. The challenge is learning the additional programming to fully utilize a scanner.

I created a web site for the Temple High School Girls Soccer Team. The team was formed Leanne's Freshman year and she has been a varsity starter all four years. She has been selected for the All District team all 4 years, and was selected as the district MVP Defense her senior year as well as the All Region Team. She received the first NCAA Division 1 Soccer Scholarship given to a Temple High School Girl.


I really never planned to create a web site for my office but everyone around me thought that I should. I felt that what I wanted to do was create some information pages about myself, my family and my office. Most modern dental practices perform most of the procedures that you read about and see on TV, and we are no exception. Hopefully, most offices sterilize instruments and handpieces.

To Learn more about Dr. Greene, visit his personal Web Page

I would appreciate any suggestions and feedback in order to improve my web site to be the best on the Internet.

Killeen Texas Cosmetic Dentist

Stuart A. Greene DDS-FAGD
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