IPS Empress
Inspired by nature
A new non-metal ceramic system


The highly innovative processing technology for non-metal ceramic offered by IPS Empress is creating new potential for producing natural-looking restorations. A. Wohlwend at the University of Zurich further developed the idea of moulding heated ceramic to reproduce accurate ceramic copies of wax models. 



In the IPS Empress system, the restoration with all its functional specifications is modeled in wax. Once the wax restoration has been invested and burned out, the heated, softened ceramic is pressed into the mould. 



The ceramic is based on glass that contains latent nucleating agents. 

 In a process comprising several stages, controlled crystallisation is used to produce leucite crystals, measuring a few microns, in the glass matrix. 
The semi-finished product or leucite-reinforced ceramic powder is pressed into ingots and sintered. These ingots are the basic components from which dental technicians press restorations. 

 The constant high quality of the ceramic ingots ensures the accurate reproduction of the physical values of the restorations. 



Outstanding esthetics 

For perfect integration into the natural environment. For restorations to blend with natural teeth. 

 Excellent fit because of new thermoplastic processing 
For accurately fitting restorations with optimum marginal seal. 

 Very strong crown, veneers, and inlays/onlays 
For long-lasting restorations on which patients can rely. 

 Biocompatible ceramic material 
For avoiding gingival trauma and adverse reactions. 

 IPS Empress Ceramic wears almost like tooth enamel.  

Exceptional Results


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