Chin reconstruction

In situations where where a person appears to have little or no chin. In the absence of other skeletal abnormalities, surgical procedures are available to change the chin.

The chin point can be augmented with materials from the patient's own body (autografting) or with materials from outside the body (allografting) and each has it's own advantages and disadvantages.

Autograft procedures involves sectioning the chin from the remainder of the lower jaw, and moving it forward and reattaching it to the lower jaw with plates, wires and/or screws. This surgery is done from an incision inside the mouth so that there are no visible scars.

Allograft procedures also involve an incision made inside the mouth. A prosthesis is placed in front of the bone of the chin, to give the appearance of a more normal chin.

There are many new biocompatible materials being developed all the time to create implants for the chin and for other facial defects.

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