Braces are no longer only for children!! More adults than ever have decided to join the movement to enhance their smile and protect their teeth.

When the upper and lower teeth are aligned properly, the tremendous forces of chewing and grinding are more easily absorbed by the teeth, jaw bones and jaw joint thus providing a person with a bite (occlusion) that will add to the long term health and attractiveness of their teeth and smile.

Most often the reason for orthodontics will include one or more of the following:

  • Poor jaw alignment
  • Premature loss of teeth (baby teeth are space savers for the permanent teeth).
  • Large teeth in a small jaw.
Orthodontics is a special field of dentistry which involves the prevention and treatment of dental and facial
irregularities (i.e., anything which prevents you from enjoying a healty and attractive smile). Orthodontics will straighten your teeth by gradually moving the jaws and teeth into their proper positions. An Orthodontist uses corrective appliances (braces, retainers, expanders, headgear, splints, etc.) to prevent and correct the problems caused by  an improper bite (malocclusion).

Malocclusion  means "bad closing" or "bad bite".  If your teeth don't line up properly with your jaws in a "good bite", tooth decay and gum disease candevelop. Crooked teeth prevent proper chewing which prevents proper digestion which leads topoor health. Malocclusion prevents an attractive smile.

You might have a malocclusion because you inherited a set of large teeth in a small jaw or small teeth in a
large jaw.

Malocclusion may be caused by bad habits including:

  • thumb sucking
  • fingernail biting
  • mouthbreathing
An accident which damaged the teeth or the premature loss of primary or permanent teeth might
have caused a malocclusion.
Orthodontic Exam

Before beginning orthodontic treatment, the Orthodontist will examine your dental andmedical history as well as your teeth, jaws, joints, face and profile with X-rays and other precisemeasurements.

After a complete examination, the Orthodontist will explain the details of your particularbite problem, and what type treatement is indicated to correct it.

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