Advancements in orthodontics has come on two fronts.

1. One is Esthetics (Cosmetics)

  • braces have become smaller
  • they are clear and will remain clear throughout treatment


Unlike traditional metal braces, you won't have to worry about flashing a "metalic smile". These  brackets won't stain or discolor. They'll look as good the day they come off as the day you had them put on.
Left side - Clear brackets / Right side traditional metal brackets.
2. The second area of advancement is in Orthodontic Wire.

Orthodontic wire which does the real work in straightening the teeth (the wire is always trying to regain it's original shape).  Wire, attached to the orthodontic brackets applies forces to the teeth that causes the tooth to move. Major advancements have created new metal alloys from which these wires are constructed; these new wires apply constant force over a longer period of time.

The advantages of the new wire are:

  • reduced number of visits
  • overall length of time in braces
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