Commonly Asked Questions About
Halitosis Treatment 

Q: How long does it take to treat, and once treated will my breath problem return?

    A: It typically takes about 3 appointments to eliminate a person’s halitosis condition.
    At the completion of treatment we will recommend a program that will prevent the
    reoccurrence of your halitosis. If the program is followed your breath problem will
    not return.
Q: Will my insurance cover any of the treatment?
    A: If you have dental insurance you will be able to get partial benefits for the
    treatment. Because the treatment is so new, insurance companies have not yet
    developed the new insurance codes necessary for processing the treatments.
Q: Do you prescribe antibiotics for the treatment?
    A: No. Antibiotics are not able to effectively reach the specific bacteria that cause
    halitosis. In some instances we do utilize specialized antibacterial rinses in
    conjunction with our treatment.
Q: What is the success rate for the treatment?
    A: We’re proud to say that we have a 99% success rate.
 Q: What happens if it is determined that my problem is of a medical origin.
    A: In the rare instance that this occurs we will refer you to the appropriate physician.
Q: Does the procedure hurt in any way, or are needles involved?
    A: There is absolutely no discomfort involved in any treatment we provide. It is a
    noninvasive procedure that requires no anesthesia or injections of any kind.
Q: Can any of the treatment you perform for the treatment of a breath problem causea person any harm?
    A: No. In no way can our treatment cause any harm or complications with a patient. It
    is a noninvasive treatment and the worse thing possible that can happen is for the
    procedure to be unsuccessful.
Q: Once treated, will my breath problem return?
    A: At the completion of your treatment we will develop an individualized maintenance
    regimen for you which will prevent the reoccurrence of your old halitosis condition.
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