Halitosis - the Problem

Everybody worries about this one. The scenario goes something like this: Youíre talking to a friend when you suddenly notice that he is recoiling, his nostrils are flaring, and he is beginning to back off. Puzzled, you move closer to continue the conversation when it hits you that the reason for your friendís reverse gear is that you have a garbage bin in your mouth; a major social problem called bad breath. 

Of all of the non-fatal maladies that afflict the human body, fear of bad breath may be one of the most common and embarrassing. Bad breath is democratic, affecting male and female, the rich and poor, the young and old of all races. It is demoralizing, for it can strike at anytime without warning; early in the day with morning mouth, at noon after a power lunch, during a stressful business presentation, or in the evening to cloud the emergence of social possibilities. It is so traumatic that many people hesitate to mention it to their physicians and dentists. It fuels the 1 billion a year mouthwash industry.

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