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Web Design
The Greene Studio Web Design Team is commited to providing the highest quality web design services. We strive to create informative sites that emphasize both organization and ease of navigation with a finely conceived balance of graphical content.  
  • Our keen understanding of current web strategies and design elements enables us to provide our clients with the highest quality and value.
  • We do not offer or promote "piece meal" site packages as these  truly hold no benefit  in adequately representing our clients and generally do not serve the needs of patients. 
  • The concept of websites as advertisements or brochures holds no validity with our research. We have developed numerous sites that can be found throughout internet and our research is based solely on the level of interaction these sites have with their targeted audience. 
  • We track not only the number of visitors to client sites, but more importantly the amount of interaction and actual feedback that is received. 
  • Our system has provided our clients with enhanced levels of communication. 
  • Our flat hourly rate of $165.00  covers all design, programming , graphics and interactive CGI scripting. 
  • We feel that varying  rates do not adequately represent the needs of our clients or our ethical beliefs. 
  • We have determined that averaging various standard rates we eliminate the possibility of unwanted compromise in any area of a site. 
  • Graphics and CGI, vital elements in website design, do not become prohibitively expensive. 
  • Packages offering  specific number of graphics, pages  and scripts lend themselves to compromise. We do not believe in compromise. 
  • Our clients now justify the expense of site creation in tangible values of incremental increases in productivity and increased client or patient-derived revenues. That's a powerful statement. 
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