Starting Point 
Where Do You Start

So you want to do a web page but you don't know where to begin!! There are various ways to proceed depending on your own individual thought processes. Many people outline on paper, others can visualize exactly what they want. I have a method I use to help organize my thoughts and ideas and allow me to select a format that I want to use. It also helps me to refresh my memory about topics I would like to use that don't come immediately to mind. I like it because it actually utilizes the resources found on the internet itself.

Surf and Save

For this procedure, I find the easiest program to use is Netscape Communicator because of its Edit Page command feature. I set up a Working Folder on my disc drive. Utilizing the search engines (I prefer inforseek and Hot Bot because they seem more accurate in key word searches) I do searches on the topic I am interested. I look for pages that have content I like or want to use, a format I would like to use (tables, colors, etc.) or both. I am not promoting using these pages for your own site, but using them as research to help you get organized. When I find a page that I think will be helpful, I go to File...Edit Page.

At this point I first go to Format...Page and change the text color to Dark Brown because I have chosen it for my working page color (most of my web pages will have this blue text color). I change background to White. I change all headings to Dark Green (red or blue on my completed pages). I use a a print style of Desdamona or Arial for major headings and I usually make them bold. I change all the text to Arial because I find it easiest to read (this page is in arial). The reason behind this is because I find these colors and formats easiest to read and to differentiate these pages from completed web pages, where I usually use red and blue colors on a white background; I retain the same print styles in most of my completed pages. After reformating and some minor editing and reorganization, these pages are then saved to my working folder using the save as command under file.

After a lot of surfing, I have a collection of pages that constitute my Research for my web page (site). I utilize these pages by taking thoughts I want to use, putting them into my own words and organization them in a manner that is logical to me. I geneally formulate my menu (site index) in the original working folder as a way of organizing the most useful pages I have collected.  I use a second working folder to create new pages where I copy and paste from my original working folder. I reword, rework and reformat to put topics into my own words and organize each page into a format and order that I think is the most logical and effective. I also collect links I want to use on a links page using text pad or word pad and save that list to my working folder so that I can copy and paste them later.

When I feel I have a completed page I change it to my completed page colors and save to a third folder (final folder). This last folder is the one that will be uploaded to the server when the site is complete. 

Images and Pictures

I utilize a fourth folder to place all the images I think I want to use. These are usually scanned images and are saved in a jpg or gif format: after all the web is a text and graphics medium and a picture is said to be worth 1000 words. 


Utilizing surfing, Netscape Communicator and a series of folders I am able to research, organize and create web pages and ultimately a web site in a logical manner. Doing research on the Internet allows for saving useful material into a single folder on the computer on which I am working easily and efficiently. By ultimately using 4 different folders I know where I am at all times and at what stage of organization each page is at.


I am sure that different web designers use many different techniques which depends on their own individual style and what they are most comfortable with. I do many pages as this one was created by just starting with a blank page and writing my own thoughts. I usually do these pages in the green...brown format mentioned above, the colors being changed when I am happy with the page and it is complete. I sometimes create drafts in this way to include in my original working folder to include with my research, and help me stay organizes. Sometimes, it is useful to create sub folders in my working file to organized or compartmentalize things in more detail. I hope that this will help you organize your own web site. If you do not feel comfortable creating your own site you can copy your working folder to a floppy disc and work with a web designer to create your web site; it gives you an effective way to communicate and transfer information.