Pankey Institute


for advanced dental education 

The Best Source for helping dentists flourish amid 
the challenges of contemporary 
practice through enhancement 
of technical skills, improvement 
of managerial and behavioral skills, 
and nurturing a positive philosophy 
toward life and practice. 
I was very fortunate that the Pankey Institute opened shortly after I began practice and I credit the Institute for making me the kind of Dentist that I am today. I was fortunate to take L.D. Pankey's Philosophy course from him on 3 occasions and to take the last Seminar For Occlusal Studies that was offered. I completed the first set of continuum courses that was offered by the institute. Participating in the second C-1, and the first C-2, (a 2nd new C-2), C-3, C-4, C-5, C-6 and C-7. The strength of the institute is that courses in the continuum have been continually upgraded and improved to reflect the changes that have taken place in Dentistry.
About The Institute
The Pankey institute has helped thousands of dentists be the best they can be to achieve fulfillment in their professional and personal lives. The institute strives to help dentists find success, as society increasingly attempts to manage dental care and minimize its value. 

Thousands of Pankey-trained professionals have had their lives significantly changed for the better, and they have experienced highest satisfaction from providing their patients with top quality, personalized services, based on the Principles and Practices of Optimum Care promoted by the institute. 

Pankey-trained professionals are successful because they are educationally equipped and mentally prepared to provide superior dental care in a highly professional environment. You owe it to yourself to contact us today and find out more about the courses that can put your practice in the upper echelon of the dental profession. 

The Mission of the LD Pankey Institute

  • Provide and Promote comprehensive dental education which will narrow the gap between what is scientifically and clinically known and what is actively practiced.
  • Help dentists achieve excellence and fulfillment through educational programs that systematically develop personal and professional growth.
  • Improve the health, well being and awareness of the world's citizens by teaching the Principles and Practices of Optimum Care, which we define as treatment regimens that are appropriate, individualized, relationship based, and comprehensive in nature.
  • Provide a supportive environment, in a state-of-the-art facility for post-doctoral participative learning opportunities.
  • Offer learning opportunities for dental technicians and auxiliary personnel, enabling them to fulfill roles of increasing responsibility and importance in the provision of Optimal Care.
  • Encourage improved relationships among the general dentist, specialists and allied health professionals to sponsor the Principles and Practices of Optimal Care.
  • Steadfastly advocate the integrity, quality and value inherent in a fee-for-service practice subscribing to the Principles and Practices of Optimal Care.
  • Nurture an environment of trust that respects the unique value of each person involved in the learning process.
  • Foster a philosophy and provide a method to monitor and improve patient satisfaction.
  • Inspire the participants to seek happiness and balance in their personal and professional lives.
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