The Temporo Mandibualar Joint
An Orthopedic Problem with a Dental Solution

What determines which symptoms or problems a person may acquire?

The answer is a combination of several factors which include:

What is the solution? How do we treat TMJ problems?

TMJ therapy is not a CURE ! We generally manage the problem. So, successful treatment means that the jaw is put into the least traumatic position so that future damage and pain will be minimal.

SPLINT THERAPY (Mandibular Repositioning Appliances)

When a splint is constructed correctly it will provide an "ideal bite" relationship. This allows the joints to go to their correct Physiological position. When the splint is placed, it instantly provides a bite where the muscles, joint and teeth do not antagonize each other and allows them to work in harmony with each other. IF symptoms diminish or disappear while wearing a splint, then it can be assumed that the problem truly was TMJ in nature, and was related to the way the teeth positioned the jaw.


Definitive treatment is transitioning someone from the splint, back to their natural teeth. While VERY carefully keeping their “system” in balance by maintaining the correct relationships between joint, muscles and teeth.
This definitive treatment can consist of one of the following or a combination of more than one of the following:
There are times where splint therapy alone will not accomplish all that we would like, in those cases it may be necessary to perform other adjunctive therapy such as
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