Breakfast the Key to Your Day March/April 1982

Breakfast should be a high protein meal. Start with a raw fruit in season, citrus juice, whole wheat bread with a small amount of polyunsaturated margarine or a hot whole grain cereal (avoid dry sugared cereals), and a high protein source such as eggs, cheese' or some type of meat.

An open face grilled cheese on toast is a quickie; Cottage cheese mixed with pineapple in its own juice is yummy. Another quickie is a protein drink made with milk, fresh fruit ice and protein powder. AVOID sugar buns, donuts and pancakes with syrup

Breakfast July/August 1982


The brain's neurons are subject to the same laws that govern all the other cells of the body. They must have proper nutrients. An Emory University study illustrates this perfectly. 40 ghetto children of sixth grade age were doing third-grade work. Diagnosis revealed inadequate personality, social deprivation, psychoses and hyperactivity.

The children were divided into groups. 20 were given breakfast, This included an egg, orange juice, whole wheat bread and nothing else. The other 20 were brought in each morning and the researchers merely talked to them; the purpose of this extra attention for the control group was to- ensure that breakfast would: be the only variable.

The results were remarkable. The second group displayed some improvement, strictly as the result of the personal attention shown them. But of the 20 who were fed breakfast, most of them-about 901-jumped 3 grades in one year, so that they performed at their appropriate age level. ON BREAKFAST ALONE!!!!!!!

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