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The following fonts have been used and will enhance these pages if they are installed on your computer: This site and all other websites will be easier to read in a serif face such as Times (Mac) or TIMES NEW ROMAN (Windows).

If you're using Navigator 3.0 , you'll see these fonts here even if your preferences are set otherwise.
Mac users, this site and all other websites will be easier to read if you boost your default font size from 12 to 14 points. If lines of text appear uneven, you've got bitmaps in your belfry. Try using a True Type font, and removing the individual bitmaps from the suitcase containing your browser font.

Windows users, your system presents fonts larger than actual size anyway, so stick with the default. If the type on this page looks overly large, try going down a point size.

Browser Support
This site is optimized for Netscape Navigator 4.0 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0.

Hearing Things

We recommend Cresendo for listening to midi files. It can be downloaded for free from the Cresendo Web Site. 

If you're using Netscape 3.0, the included Live Audio component lets you hear any sound: Mac (aiff), Windows (wav), Unix (au), and even MIDI. Just point and click. (Same thing with Explorer 3.0.)
If you've upgraded to Quicktime 2.5, you don't need anything; the included MoviePlayer converts all the above sound files to audio-only movies that play right on your desktop. 

Windows users, simply click on the "Wav" versions of any sound file, and your operating system will take care of the rest.
Watching Videos

If you're new to the web, and your browser dates back before April, 1996, you'll need a helper application to view quicktime movies. They're available online and free for the taking.
Mac users, download FastPlayer 1.1, (13k) the Quicktime picker-upper, Or Peter's Player 1.1 (82k).
For Windows, all you need is Quicktime for Windows 3.1 or Quicktime for Windows 95.
If you're using Navigator 3.0 or Internet Explorer 3.0, watching movies is even easier. Point and click. (Explorer users may need to download Quicktime first.) Apple Quicktime VR which allows you to view Quicktime Movies as they load can be downloaded from the apple web site.
Tip: Even with plug-ins plugged-in and turned on, you can still view multimedia with a helper application instead of the plug-in. To do so, just hold down the Option key (Mac) or Alt key (Windows) while clicking on the link. This lets you keep surfing while the movie downloads in the background. 


Video Resolution

This site is best viewed with a video resolution of 800 X 600. All of our screens and tables were designed using this resolution
Technical Note

Navigator 3.0 flirts with WWW style sheets -- proposed additions to HTML allowing web authors to control white space and fonts; a privilege page designers have enjoyed for years.
Unfortunately, Netscape implements spacing with proprietary tags. The World Wide Web standards committee has also proposed style sheets, but theirs will be different from Netscape's. Until the situation is clearified, we'll continue to control white (or green or blue) space with tables and invisible gifs. 

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