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The key to any relationship is trust. This is also true of relationships between a patient and their dentist. If you develop a level of trust with someone, you will trust them to charge you fairly for what they do. That is not only true of dentistry but of every service that you receive in daily life. I feel that I am not charging for a dental appliance, but the level of service it takes to correctly restore someone to optimum dental health. A lot of different factors reflect what is charged for a service and these can vary from procedure to procedure. All fees should reflect the level of Time, Care, Skill, and Judgment, that it takes to perform them the best that they can be done. Short cuts will obviously reflect in the quality of the level of care that is received. It is certainly true, that you can spend a lot of money and not receive anything of value, but it is also true that something of high quality and value cannot be obtained for nothing or next to nothing. This is the reason I have chosen NOT to participate in fixed fee delivery systems, that dictate that I must cut corners in order to make a fair profit, such as Dental Maintenance Organizations and insurance plans (PPO's) that set the fee. When comparing dental fees remember the adage, "If something sounds too good to be true it probably is"!


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