CAPTEK Crown & Bridge 

It's Pure Gold...

The Technology Behind the CAPTEK Smile: The most common method of producing crowns and bridges utilizes the lost wax technique ~ which requires firing several layers of porcelain onto a cast metal framework.

CAPTEK crowns and bridges use a breakthrough technology which does not require any waxing or casting to produce the copings or bridge understructures for ceramic application. 

Instead, a material called CAPTEK P is applied directly to a refractory die by hand. 

CAPTEK P is an alloy of Gold, Platinum & Palladium. This material establishes the capillary network for the application of the second layer of material - CAPTEK G. 

CAPTEK G is a gold layer which covers the first layer and, when heated, interlocks completely with the CAPTEK P giving the CAPTEK coping or bridge understructure its' strength and its' 22K Gold beauty.

CAPTEK Bridge Understructure

Completed CAPTEK Bridge

Captek unlike othere Dental Mental is NOT an alloy but a Composite. This gives the metal a very high melting temperature and a capillary effect when applying porcelain. as shown in the cross section below.


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