Everyone knows the the effectiveness of fluoride in preventing tooth decay. How does it work? Sugars in the mouth set up a favorable environment for the growth and development of germs. These germs produce acids that cause decay and leave behind deposits that injure the gums. One of the big defenses against this process is fluoride which builds up the resistance of teeth to these acids. It should be in your child's drinking water so it can be absorbed in his growing teeth; it should also be in your child's toothpaste, and applied regularly on his teeth by the family dentist.

Brush 'Em!Chicago (the first big city to fluoridate its water) reports that tooth decay has been cut in half among its school children. They credit fluoride for this improvement. As an added plus, Chicago parents are saving an about $20 million a year in dental bills.

In areas where the water is not fluoridated, children's teeth can be substantially protected against cavities by fluoride in drop or tablet form

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