Smile Evaluation

Here's a simple checklist to evaluate your smile
While looking into the mirror smile normally:
  •  Do you like the color of your teeth?
  •  Are your teeth more yellow or gray?
  •  Are any of your teeth too small or large?
  •  Are your teeth crooked or straight?
  •  Are any teeth too flat or too pointed?

Look at Your Gums:

  • Do your gums "show" when you smile?
  •  Are your gums a healthy pink, or red and puffy?

And notice this:

  • How is your breath?
  •  What do other people notice about your smile?
  •  What would you change about your dental health if you could?
If you feel there are things about your dental health and your smile  that you'd like to learn more  about, please call today


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